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We've assembled, facilitated, and conveyed cloud and SOA based frameworks for an extensive variety of customers in numerous enterprises. To an ever increasing extent, your clients...


Serge Software Technologies approaches business knowledge and information perception with an accentuation on describing. Impactful describing is about the claim to fame....


Embedded Technology is at the heart of these intelligent products and Serge Software Technologies helps these product manufacturers to address their ever-increasing needs in this space....

Serge Software Technologies

Industries of Excellence

The Digital Transformation narrative is pushing the Technology Industry to explore newer business models, effective investment strategies, enhanced sales enablement, and several resources and processes to rethink products and services in the context of the customer..



Embedded Systems

Considering the vast scope of this field, ranging from the automobile to consumer electronics and aerospace, the demand for this technology for product development and applications will also continue to grow over time. The use of electronic items is becoming more pervasive in everyone’s lives with the use of mobiles, home appliances...

Protocols & System Softwares

Protocol stack implementations are being re-engineered to include separated slow path and fast path, efficient look up routines, flow caching, hardware assisted packet processing and multi-core based packet processing. Adapting protocol stack software to new environments need thorough understanding of product specific use cases and expectations...

VLSI Design

Today, we are poised to be the leading chip solutions provider across verticals – Automotive, Server, Graphics and mobile platforms, to name a few. Our design team works cohesively with client’s Embedded, Test, PCB and Validation teams to provide relevant, rewarding and complete solutions. We are expertise in low power with the knowledge and experience in...

Design Verification

Design Verification (DV) clicks when the right methodology is complemented by the right team. First tie silicon success isn’t easy but that’s what our DV engineers bring to you. Extensive knowledge, experience enables them to comprehend the tasks and execute flawlessly. Kick-starting with feature extraction, properties DV project ends with sign-off checklist...

Network Processors & Silicon Solutions

MicroCode Design and Development for Multi-core Network Processors and Integration of L2/L3 and MPLS Software with Silicon. A key part of any networking/communications item is the accuracy, conservativeness and effectiveness of sending in the Data Plane.

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